Her mother

Her eyes were glassy

Her lips were chapped from the endless days

She neglected

Mascara stained her cheeks from

The weeks she spent crying

All she could feel was pain

Heart shattering as she reached out to the space infront of her

The space her mom had once filled

Where her moms loving smile

And warm hug welcomed her

Only emptiness linger in her spot

No trace of a mothers embrace nor a happy greeting

Her body was cold

Cold from all the months she spent away from her mom

Feeling physically and spirituality seperated from her mother

Only a weight clung to her tired shoulders

Only a deep hunger for her mother stayed with her

She needed to see her again

She felt her happiness would only come back with her mother

But her mother would never return

She waited

And waited

She sat there next to her mothers spot with arms wide open

Hoping to be brought into a hug

Needing a real hug

Yearning for her mothers love

She  knew her mother would never come

So she stayed there reliving the times they had spent together

In hope that one day,

She would be right next to her smiling like she always did

© duendeyugen All Rights Reserved 2017


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