To Be A Teenager


Looking  into the future

through colorful lenses

and foggy glass

distorting the endless


with shaky hands

that hasn’t touched a tool in

her life

is told to build

a rocket ship

expected to do greatness

expected to be…


only aware of the


what not to do’s

that swarm like

angry wasps  in her


trying hardest to be

as smart as a


and as wise

as Buddha

but still remember to

be a teenager,

while it lasts

it feels like…


with tight ropes

bounded to her limbs

pulling her in every direction

as she gets

snapped at by her parents

for even wanting to

dye her hair

to feel bad as her

friends get to experience

the  carefree life

of a teenager

as she looks through

a tiny window

out into the

fantasies of what it would be like

to finally…



© duendeyugen All Rights Reserved 2017


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