First Post


There are definitely a lot of songs that can influence you. A song can either summon the tears you have been keeping locked away and hidden or bring back that smile you were wearing a minute ago.

Ever since I was young, the people around me influence how I feel. If my friends were chatting away in excitement then a few minutes later I would be just as excited as them. But when it came down to writing a story that I know has to have a specific kind of feel to it…I couldn’t get waves of happiness intoxicating and luring me in when my character is depressed. So I would put in my “ear plugs” and play songs that I know would set me in the right mood to type out every bit of emotion it brought to me. I practically fed off of the slow dejected words that that I couldn’t understand. Sometimes, at least for me, it helps to not understand the language so you can hear the way they are singing and be able to not type out the lyrics. I will post some songs that I help me let out my creativity.

WARNING I will be posting different kinds of music to represent a certain mood that speaks to me. Which includes Screamo and Kpop please don’t hate on the music 🙂  



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